Mia Fratino

Mia Fratino are passionate about knitwear. An Australian based company, with more than 30 years experience in the field of premium knitwear, Mia Fratino stands proud and is dedicated to making a difference.

They are committed to delivering honest, sustainably sourced and ethically made knitwear using only 100% natural fibres.

Their cashmere is ethically sourced from Inner Mongolia. Using only premium grade cashmere the yarns are double twisted to achieve a high quality. The cashmere fleece is harvested from the underbelly of the goat’s Winter coat during the warmer months when natural shedding occurs.

All Mia Fratino garments are manufactured in their own factory in Sri Lanka. First and foremost they promote a happy working environment respecting all employees who are afforded privileges and entitlements comparable to Australian industries.

As a socially responsible entity Mia Fratino established the Mia Fratino Foundation in Sri Lanka in 2011. The programme has a community based philanthropic focus empowering women who are living in poverty.


T : (02) 9489 2066
E : shop@fetts.com.au
ABN 70118295784